About Teacup Girl

Teacup Girl is an acrylic accessories brand that creates handcrafted, wearable pieces of art to bring touch of whimsy to your day

    Hello and welcome to the whimsical world of Teacup Girl! We love to create beautiful and wearable works of art that bring a smile or a sprinkle of joy to adorn your outfits and brighten your day.

We are a home studio based in Canberra, Australia, with two people working to handcraft our pieces with the most care and signature  commitment to exceptional artwork. We mostly create with in-house laser cut acrylic, but sometimes Bonita dabbles in other mediums like enamel pins, vinyl stickers, washi tapes and tote bags.

Every unique piece is made to order with our customers in mind. We handcraft each and every piece that we make with passion and the highest standards of care, and they go through numerous quality checks as well as final polishing touches before being packaged with love and care, then shipped off to a special new home with you!

We are proudly an Australian made and owned art studio, and we wish to create a legacy of beautiful, collectable, and wearable art to be treasured and passed down among the generations.

We hope you find a moment of delight and a touch of whimsy here in the Teacup Girl studio…

About the Creator & Artist behind Teacup Girl

    I'm an acrylic jewelry artist, a mother to three, and an entrepreneur  - just to name a small part of what I do. How I ended up right where I am was a heck of a ride, but here's a little bit of my story.

I started dressing in vintage styles in 2010 after discovering the glamorous fashions of days long gone through vintage bloggers all over the globe.

Right from the start, I was drawn to vintage accessories, namely brooches as they were the easiest to wear. I loved collecting authentic antique and vintage brooches, of which I have ended up with more than a few.

I started dabbling in the world of contemporary brooches, but it wasn't until late 2016 when I joined a Facebook group for brooch collectors that brooches became more than just a casual hobby - they became a passion.

In that group I found my tribe, lovely people that shared the interest and understand the craziness of the tiny bits of plastic that we pin to our clothing. And I'd figured something else along the way - brooches aren't just a bit of plastic.

They are a wonderful blend of art and function - wearable collectibles that don't just sit in your home on a shelf. They show how you feel without words, a picture you don't wear on your sleeve, but above your heart. They are something that can spread smiles and bring joy, and I love that.

If any of my art from Teacup Girl can bring just one smile to a face, I am happy. That's why I do what I do, and why I love it!