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We have been told by the laser cutting company that it will take two months for a new laser cutter to be ordered and arrive in the studio. During that time frame, we will order the acrylic sheets and brooch production supplies that are needed, as well as place orders with the manufacturers.

We expect that if we achieve the first goal, it will take until the beginning of June before we start manufacturing rewards and shipping out the pledge orders. If we reach our stretch goals, we will work to bring someone on board and cut down the length of time it will take. We hope to get the pledges made and fulfilled a lot faster, in maybe half the time.

If we don't reach the funding goal of $45,000 we will have to cancel and refund the pledge orders that we will not be able to fulfill. The rest of the items that are guaranteed to be ordered and produced will be made up and scheduled to start production and shipping in the beginning of May as we will not have to wait for a laser cutter to arrive.


We have never done a preorder with no limitations before, and we will do our best to handle all fulfillment in a timely manner. We will keep you updated in the Teacup Girl Official Facebook Group as we go along so that you know exactly where we are up to.

Risks and Challenges of a Fund Raising Preorder

As a maker, I have had almost 50% of my sales through preorders over the last two years creating Teacup Girl pieces.

I have experienced the challenges first hand of creating a large number of pieces to the highest standard and the 100% satisfaction guarantee that Teacup Girl promises.

The preorder work load does come with the challenge of sticking to the production schedule as there can be unforeseen delays and problems throughout production. However, I always endeavor to update customers in a timely manner to let them know what is happening and what stage we are at in the studio.

The biggest risk we face with the fund raising preorder is that we might not reach the minimum goal of $45,000 needed to purchase the laser cutter. Without the machine, there will be pledge orders for archived pieces and bundle sets that we will not be able to fulfill. These will have to be refunded, and we guarantee you will get all of your money back on these items in the event that we cannot produce them in house.

This will not be an issue for any of other items listed ~ any orders for these items WILL go ahead whether we reach our goal and fund the laser cutter or not.

Pledge items that WILL be delivered:

- Summer O'Clock, dandelion acrylic brooch -
- Merry Eucalyptmas, Christmas gumtree acrylic brooch -
- Wattle Sprig (mauve & crimson) acrylic brooches -
- Washi Tapes -
- Teacup Girl Enamel Pin -
- Cottage Cup Vinyl Sticker Set -
- Art Canvas Tote Bags -

Terms and Conditions

Please read all the information and FAQs related to the Teacup Girl Fund Raising Preorder before purchasing from this release. This is a fund raiser and will be treated as such - all pledges as of 14th of March, 12:00am 2021 will be considered final and nonrefundable.

Final Products, Delays, Refunds, Returns and Cancellations

Final Products:

The colors and finish of the final products may look different from how they appear in the stock photography. The acrylic jewelry pieces and brooches are handmade in the Teacup Girl studio and, as such, are artisan pieces made to the highest quality we can produce, but are not machine made.

Any product that is not created with acrylic (tote bags, washi tapes, vinyl stickers, enamel pins) are produced by manufacturers based in China. However, these items are still made with the attention to detail and care ~ the artwork and design is solely created by Bonita and every detail and product feature is carefully planned and brought to the manufacturer to build an amazing product!

We also oversee and check every stage throughout the production and work in tandem with our contacts to achieve the highest quality possible. As a result, these items still have the Teacup Girl commitment to creating the best products. The Teacup Girl loving touch goes into every item we produce, in house or externally!

Delays, Refunds, Returns and Cancellations:

Although we are running this project through our Teacup Girl shop, this fund raiser is functioning like a Kickstarter ~ it is a way to help bring this new production capacity for the studio into reality, and that means that any funds coming in will go straight to financing the products and will not be available for returns, refunds or cancellations of pledges.

- Pledges can be cancelled and refunded from the period of the 14th of February, 2021 to the 14th of March, 2021. Once the fund raiser finishes there WILL BE NO refunds or cancellations.

- There is the possibility of delays throughout the process with many pieces of equipment, supplies and product that will have to be ordered once the fund raiser is completed. We WILL NOT be able to issue refunds once it is closed as the funds WILL be immediately spent on the items needed to fulfil all of the pledges.

- We do accept returns if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the item(s), we will exchange it but not issue a refund.

- Please be aware that if you are outside of Australia, some countries will charge import fees. We cannot control this, and you will be liable to cover whatever import or duty fees your government sets.

- Once we place the orders with the manufacturers for the studio equipment, production supplies, and manufactured products, we will not be able to issue refunds or accept cancellations.

- If delays do occur during production or shipment of supplies and equipment, this WILL delay the delivery timeframe further. We will update our customers and let you know of the rescheduled delivery dates.