**SECONDS** Bee prePeared II ~ Pear Harvest
**SECONDS** Bee prePeared II ~ Pear Harvest
**SECONDS** Bee prePeared II ~ Pear Harvest
**SECONDS** Bee prePeared II ~ Pear Harvest
**SECONDS** Bee prePeared II ~ Pear Harvest
**SECONDS** Bee prePeared II ~ Pear Harvest

**SECONDS** Bee prePeared II ~ Pear Harvest

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Please note that this is a seconds piece and may have minor flaws such as: glue spots, paint imperfections, scratches, acrylic surface damage or cracks and other issues.

These pieces are wearable, but are not 100% perfect and as such are not returnable under our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. Please take note of this before purchasing as we will not accept returns for seconds.

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A little bee sits on a sweet pear and the hum of its wings tells a little tale... Bee prePeared! Harvest days approach and the ripe pear is gathered in the crispness of the day. 

Using layering techniques to suggest at shadow and light, this pear is created with a rich frosted olive acrylic, and hand painted with gold metallic highlight details. The varnish Alder wood stalk sits with the hazelnut marble leaf, and on this succulent fruit rests a friendly bumble bee. Meticulously detailed in a soft golden mirror and etched black stripes, the tiny bee has iridescent blue wings with metallic gold design elements.

Dimensions: 5.8 cm x 5.5 cm

    Product Details:

    • Each piece is carefully designed by Australian artist, Bonita E. J. Vear. Teacup Girl products are created to be unique, one of a kind pieces.
    • Every individual piece is hand painted and hand assembled with care.
    • Please be aware all products will differ slightly due to variations in acrylic and the nature of handmade, artisan pieces.
    • Most brooches come with rolling, c-lock safety pin back unless in the small pin category which features an easy to use c-clasp pin back, or a post pin with a butterfly clasp.
    • Designs come securely packaged in our original Teacup Girl gift boxes, or securely pinned to a backing card with appropriate protection.
    • Each brooch has a 100% quality guarantee. If you are at all unhappy with the quality of the product it is returnable for a full refund.

    Delivery Details:

    All orders will be processed in batches and you will receive an email with the estimated dates of shipping for your order. If there are questions about the length of time before proposed shipping please get in touch with Teacup Girl customer service: customer-service@teacupgirl.com