What do the purple badges mean?

Teacup Girl has a one of a kind, Tier-based sales model to create long-term availability of all of our designs. We aim to combat the issues with limited releases, instant sell-outs and high demand and provide customers with all the pretty pieces they love.  


New Release Tier

This is the first tier for all new designs when they come to the shop. The new designs will stay the New Release Tier for approximately four weeks. 



Last Chance Tier

When this badge is showing, the design will have one week at the lowest price point {New Release} before moving to the Vintage Tier.



Vintage Tier

Designs moving to the Vintage Tier will see a price increase of $20.00 AUD and upwards, depending on demand and intricacy of the design. 

If demand for these pieces continues, they may last for up to 100 days before being vaulted as Antiques.



Antique Tier

Antique pieces are designs that are vaulted. These are limited and are created on a made to order basis, and the price point reflects the special care and attention that goes into the assembly process. 

They will not always be available, so if you see one you love, keep it in mind as it may disappear for short while... Or for years!

However, if you are lucky, it might come back to be a treasure discovered! 


Antique Spotlight Tier

Antique designs will sometimes slip out of the vault and into the spotlight ~ they will be on sale for the original new release price.

This will only last for a week so get in quickly when you see the ones you want pop up! 


Tea Party Surprise Tier

...Coming soon! A Touch of Whimsy Subscription Boxes that will give you access to discounts, limited edition items, vaulted designs, and much, much more!....  The pieces in the Tea Party Surprise Tier will be available exclusively through the Brooch Tea Party Box.