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Mister Patterpaws
Mister Patterpaws
Mister Patterpaws

Mister Patterpaws

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Mister Patterpaws the Little Red Squirrel is too busy collecting nuts for winter to stop and say hello ~ he will gather as many acorns in his little paws as he can carry!

Inspired by the smaller, lively, and cheeky red squirrel native to the United Kingdom, Patterpaws has a full, fluffy tail and two acorns dangling from his paws, one large and one small. The piece uses a special technique with layering to allow the light to catch and change the appearance of the design.

Created with a careful palette of acrylics that speak of the crisp pop of autumn hues, the red squirrel with his nuts feature a charming blend of glitter, translucent and marbled acrylic. Each piece has carefully hand painted etched details, and the dangling acorn accent adds a touch of autumn playfulness.

Product Details:

  • Size: 5.9cm high x 5.5cm wide
  • Each piece is carefully designed by Australian artist, Bonita E. J. Vear. Teacup Girl  products are created to be unique, one of a kind pieces.  
  •  Every individual piece is hand painted and hand assembled with care.
  • Please be aware all products will differ slightly due to variations in acrylic and the nature of handmade, artisan pieces.  
  •  All brooches come with rolling, c-lock safety pin back unless in the small pin category which features an easy to use c-clasp pin back. 
  • Designs come securely packaged in our original Teacup Girl gift boxes, or securely pinned to a backing card with appropriate protection. 
  • Each brooch has a 100% quality guarantee. If you are at all unhappy with the quality of the product it is returnable for a full refund.



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