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Complete Custom Brooch Designed by You

Complete Custom Brooch Designed by You

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Open to subject and theme, the next level experience in a special collaboration with Bonita, the artist behind Teacup Girl, you are offered an exciting opportunity to create your own complete custom and exclusive brooch design, after which, you own the artwork and design. It’s now yours! 

This is an exclusive custom, meaning that you have even more ideas to be able to pick from ~ whatever you’d like to get made can be done!

Ownership of the artwork will be yours after the designs are completed, and you will have a copy of the digital files sent you as well as physical copies of any original artwork and sketches. 

You will be able to pick the theme and/or the subject**, and after we decide what we will be creating, we will set a date and time that you will be able to have a half an hour Zoom session to discuss ideas and work through the sketching process to watch the design come to life from your ideas to the first stages of brooch making. 

During that session you can decide on the colour palette of the piece.  After that starting session, Bonita finish up and finalize the design and work out some acrylics to use. You will also be consulted via email on acrylic finish and design elements.

You will be able to follow along and see behind the scenes to be able to work on the design with our artist as we will also update via email on the sample process and final piece.

When the brooch is complete, you will receive two of the final brooch pieces and the sample that we made (as a commemoration to your brooch design project!) along with a certificate of authentication of your Teacup Girl custom brooch. 

Product Details: 

  • Two complete custom designed Teacup Girl brooches created in collaboration with you!

  • Please note, the theme and subject of this custom must fall under the guidelines we have for this level of custom. 
    **Subjects and theme are open
    No NSFW or other explicit subjects
    No religious, political, or negative topics
    Teacup Girl reserves the right to decline a subject or theme
  •  You will receive two of the final pieces and the sample piece - three brooches in total and a certificate of authentication for your custom design

  • You will be purchasing the rights to this design for personal use. You may not reproduce or sell the artwork or design, or use it for profit or business purposes. It will be free for all personal use. 

  • Please be aware that screens and photographs may not accurately represent the colours or the acrylic finish due the variations of screen setting and interaction with lighting. Your piece may look different in person than on the screen

  • Once the piece has been finalized there will be no revisions of design or acrylics

  • Please be aware all products will differ slightly due to variations in acrylic and the nature of handmade, artisan pieces 

  •  All brooches come with rolling, c-lock safety pin back unless in the small pin category which features an easy to use c-clasp pin back. 

  • Designs come securely packaged in our original Teacup Girl gift boxes, or securely pinned to a backing card with appropriate protection.

Fulfillment Details for Fund Raising Pledges

  • If the goal of $45,000 is reached we expect to start shipping pledge rewards in the beginning of June

  • If the stretch goal of $65,000 is reached we expect to start shipping pledge rewards in the beginning of June, but we expect the fulfillment process will take a lot less time and the rewards will ship out faster

  • If we don't reach the funding goal of $45,000 we will have to cancel and refund the pledge items we cannot fulfill - mostly pieces from the back catalogue and bundle sets.